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Is that how it works? i was sure that you just suggest it they review it and if they like it (and hell they like a bunch of stuff) the suggestion gets featured...

Congratulations anyway!

I have no idea! I submitted it weeks ago, and only on Hallowe'en did it get DDed, so I just thought it might have somehow been brought to their attention - I never suggested it to anyone, I didn't know you could/should 'til now!

Ah the suggestions are not made by the author, but by their fans, but that is the only weird part, if a bunch of your fans suggest the same piece of work to the admins, they can get annoyed and ignore it, so is best to just get one dude making one suggestion and wait for them to like it, if they do, they feature it, and then you have to wait 6 moths until you can get another DD.

There are however, other cases where the admins themselves browse the pages, and they make their own features, without the need for a suggestion.

As you can see the system is completely different from the one at NG, indeed, while here you need the approval of the community, to get a high-score, and P-Bot does the rest, plus there is no time limit, on DA is all more under the limited tastes of the human admins, that means, less people judging your work, and the danger of personal bias impeding you from getting featured, indeed if you see the DD everyday for at least a month you will be able to notice a clear and obvious pattern.

Deviant Art is no deviant at all, on the contrary is quite orthodox, in the sense that it has a thematic which, i can say, lacks variety. Your video is actually amount the ones that make a difference!

Hey man, how've you been? Just noticed you pulled your digital animations from NG, any reason why? Funny or Die is a nice site, have you been doing well there?