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Entry #7

A Downvoter is Wiping Off 1 Point With Every 1 Vote!

2014-08-24 09:28:51 by cockvane

Hello to anyone following me! I need some help!

A determined downvoter is downvoting my movies every day, and each time it happens a whole point disappears off of my scores!

So to anyone who liked my movies, I would be very grateful if  you all could find the time to counteract the downvoter by once again voting my movies upwardly!

I had no idea just 1 vote could delete a whole point; their voting power must be huge because my votes could not possibly have an effect like that (and my voting power isn't low). SO if anyone can explain how such a powerful downvote is possible, please PM me.



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2014-08-24 09:35:17

The voting system as a whole is very flawed in it's current standing. Do not take the score of yours or anyone else's submissions seriously. The reviews are where it counts.


2014-08-24 13:07:37

alright ill help out

cockvane responds:

Thank you kindly, Sir!


2014-08-24 13:13:29

a whole point prpbably goes away due to your low fan base number


2014-08-24 16:34:09

You must mean less than a full point, like a hundredth of a point (.01), no one's got the juice to move a point, when you last submission had over 20,000 votes... FLuctuations will in score, as browsers of teh site look at the best of the best, page by page, and vote accordingly, but after your work's been out a while, the voting becomes less frequent, and likely to go down slightly, if at all.

Your 3 movies are rated well above 4 points out of 5, and that is a very good thing!

I would suggest that your work is too infrequent and cerebral (and British, Yanks are oblivious to how the Brits get along, and they make up a big demographic here, along with the Canadians), for a site that's still hiding in the shadows. If your submissions were more worldly, less labor intensive (shorter, so there's a regular stream of content; episodic content grabs people, as they don't see it as a one-off), views for your older works will increase, as will your fan base.

Just playing devil's advocate here mate, just giving my two cents.

cockvane responds:

Yep, I meant .01 ! Thanks!


2014-08-24 16:38:33

(Waiting for approval? Unusual step, you expecting trouble? You're quite a reasonable fellow, no need to lower the blinds, as it were.)

*Fluctuations in score will occur, as browsers of the site... just popped back to correct that, I'm overdue for a nap.


2014-08-30 11:12:55

Sad to say guys, the super-powerful downvoter is STILL taking .01 off my score every day by simply by means of a mere 1 vote per day. Is it even possible for just one vote to remove .01 points from a movie already with 1700-odd votes? Their vote power must surely be something like 25!?
I have a feeling a 'bot might be doing it as it is the same time period every day on each movie and never misses a day. If it is a 'bot, then pretty soon the movies I worked hard on will be reach zero points!